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The Formal Systems of the λδ (\lambda\delta) Family

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version 2helenaOpen Symbolic Notation (OSN)
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[Open Symbolic Notation logo] Open Symbolic Notation
Open Symbolic Notation, abbreviated OSN, is an easy and flexible data-interchange text format intended for the lightweight representation of generic abstract syntax trees in the domain of formal languages. Additional information is available at OSN web site.
[Helena logo] Helena
Helena is a processor for the systems of the λδ family, implemented in Caml as a part of the HELM software, meant for testing both their stable and unstable features.
The processor source code is available in the directory /trunk/helm/software/helena/ of the HELM Svn repository. The Svn revisions containing the stable versions of Helena are indicated next.
[\lambda\delta digital library logo] λδ Digital Library (LDDL)
The λδ Digital Library is part of HELM and contains resources expressed in the systems of the λδ family.

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