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Last update: Sat, 22 May 2004 15:27:01 +0200

Contact: lpadovan at cs dot unibo dot it

GtkMathView-Bonobo is a Bonobo wrapper for GtkMathView which allows GtkMathView to be embedded inside Bonobo applications. This project has been supported by MoWGLI.

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May 22, 2004
Release of version 0.0.4 (tag v0_0_4). This version is meant to be used with gtkmathview 0.6.2.
Mar 23, 2004
Third release, version 0.0.3 (tag v0_0_3). Implemented notification mechanism so that the URLs within href attributes in the MathML markup are forwarded to the browser which loads the page at the given URL. The URL can also contain some JavaScript, see the online test for an example.
Oct 05, 2003
Second release, version 0.0.2 (tag v0_0_2). Implemented a popup menu with a few functions, can copy link address to clipboard, tested with mozilla-bonobo 0.4.0.
Sep 13, 2003
First release, version 0.0.1 (tag v0_0_1).

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There is no extensive documentation about the component yet. However, the source code is pretty small and in most cases all the developer should need to know is the list of IDL interfaces implemented by the component. Currently the following interfaces are at least partially implemented: Control, PersistFile, PersistStream. The two persist interfaces do not support saving. In addition, the component implements an interface specific to GtkMathView. See the .idl file included in the source distribution for more details.

Documentation for GtkMathView is available on GtkMathView's home page.

Note that, if used in conjunction with mozilla-bonobo, GtkMathView-Bonobo can be embedded inside HTML documents in Mozilla, Galeon, and Epiphany. Although browsers in the Mozilla family generally have native support for MathML markup, GtkMathView offers much faster rendering for large documents, especially for those with lots of nested tables, and can be configured independently of the browser.
There is a test page that you can use to verify if the plugin works. This is a screenshot showing the plugin displaying a formula with the popup-menu open.

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